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The magazine Typografia
was established in 1888 as a trade and education magazine for Czech printers and typographers.

It has been published continually, with the exception of short interruptions during World Wars One and Two and in the years 1991-1995. In 2013 Typografia celebrates 125 years since its establishment. Leading experts in the field have always contributed to Typografia.

It goes without saying, however, that no magazine, no matter how glorious its tradition, can afford to live in the past. Today, Typografia is a modern magazine that aims to provide objective and factual information on events in the industry and continues to help increase the qualifications of those working in the field.

What sets Typografia apart from other periodicals devoted to printing?

Typografia is a managerial magazine that focuses on current events in printing. It does not bore the reader with long technical descriptions of pieces of machinery, but tries to record the most important current trends. Its round table debates, in which trade professionals discuss the latest burning issues, are one of the magazine's specialities and receive an excellent response from its readers. The magazine also presents current events in professional life. Typografia presents a cross-section of printing equipment, design and typography. The covers for Typografia are always original works of design, and the cover designers also present their work on a graphic design double-page in the same edition.
Typography has long cooperated with specialized schools. In the year 2010, the covers are being created by students from the AVE ART Ostrava, s.r.o. Private Secondary College of Art under the guidance of M. A. Roman Witasek, Deputy Principal for Art and Head of the Graphic Design. Work is currently underway on the new project Typografia digital, a separate supplement accompanying each edition of the magazine printed in digital print. The articles in this section focus on issues in digital printing, and the supplement as a whole allows a comparison of the quality of black-and-white digital printing with offset printing. Typografia digital is to be the first magazine on digital printing printed by digital printing in the Czech Republic, showing the possibilities for this continually developing technology. The editorial board of the magazine is comprised of professionals from the printing industry.

President of editorial board: Milan Maršo
Editorial Board: Jaroslav Hruška, Zdeňka Maršová, Vladislav Najbrt, Jan Opletal,
Jan Sehnal, Jiří Zápotocký
International partners: Thomas Helbig, Kurt K. Wolf, Ľubomír Krátky

The magazine Typografia is published by the company Digirama s.r.o.
Since 2015 the issuance Typografia suspended.